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        1. 江蘇遠洋藥業股份有限公司(常熟市金城食品添加劑有限公司)

          Jiangsu Yuanyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CHAGNSHU JINCHENG FOOD ADDITIVE CO.,LTD.)

        2. Products

          "Advanced process, first-rate products, perfect service" as Yuanyang's firm principle in business.

          Creatine Monohydrate

          CAS NO.: 6020-87-7

          Chemical Formula: C4H11N3O3.H2O

          Structural Formula:

          Molecular Weight: 149.15

          Property: White crystal or powder,slightly soluble in water,insoluble in ethanol,ethyl ether.





          White crystal or crystalline powder,80/200 meshes


          99.90% min

          Loss on Drying

          12.0% max

          Heavy Metal(as Pb)

          10ppm max


          1ppm max


          0.1% max

          Residue on Ignition

          0.1% max

          USES: Pharmaceutical ingredient, health product additive. Restrain the generation of fatigue,Lighten fatigue and nervous, Recover powder. Accelerate composition of protein, make muscle strong and strengthen its elasticity. Reduce the level of cholesterol, blood fat, blood sugar. Improve muscle atrophy’s situation of middle and old aged, delay aging.
          PACKAGE:25Kg/Fiber drum/carton/polybag lined with 2 layers PE bags.
          STORAGE: Be stored in cool,dry,and ventilated storage,free from heat or sunlight,and free from toxic and harmful foods.Be protected with pall on delivery,keep free from rain moisture,toxic and harmful goods.

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