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    4. 江蘇遠洋藥業股份有限公司(常熟市金城食品添加劑有限公司)

      Jiangsu Yuanyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CHAGNSHU JINCHENG FOOD ADDITIVE CO.,LTD.)

    5. Products

      "Advanced process, first-rate products, perfect service" as Yuanyang's firm principle in business.

      DiluteBenzoyl Peroxide

      CAS NO: 94-36-0

      Chemical Formula: C14H10O4

      Structural Formula:

      Molecular Weight: 242.22

      [Granule,Paste,Powder are available]

      SPECIFICATIONS( Granule,Powder)

      Appearance White granule/Powder
      Peroxide Content 75.00-78.00%
      Peroxide Content on Dry Basis ≥99.0%
      Water 21.00-25.00%
      Free Chloride ≤0.1%
      Free Acid ≤0.5%
      Melting Point 103-106°C
      Theoretical Active Oxygen 6.62%
      Activity Energy 125.6KJ/mol
      Decomposition Temperature 133°C(1M);72°C(10H)

      USES: Initiator in poly acrylates,polyvinyl acetal resin,methyl methacrylate,catalyst in polyesters, epoxy resin,exchange resin,etc;cross linking agent in silicon and fluoro robber; Oxidizer used to bleach oil,flour,fiber,etc.Be used in non-prescription drugs for treatment of acne, an antiseptic and local anaesthetic in treatment of burns and ulcers as a keratolytic;be used in pesticides production.
      PACKAGE: 20Kg/Paper carton.
      STORAGE: Be stored in shady,cool,low temperature and well ventilated warehouse of incombustible materials,keep away from fire,static electricity,sparkle,hot source(such as vapor tube flue equipment),avoid contact with strong acid,strong base,sulfides,deoxidizer;Catalyst promoter for polymerization and accelerates when be stored and delivered.Must be protected from impacts,blows,shocks,or friction.Hold water content.

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